Past Talks

22 January 2020  The Development of British Military Aviation from the Farborough Air Sciences Trust (FAST) Film Archive


11 December 2019, “Flying for Fun Part 2”, Alan Key;   Alan recounted more flying experiences in interesting and unique aircraft encountered during his extensive travels.

27 November 2019, “Saving B-N Islander G-AVCN - What Next?”, Bob Wealthy;


23 October 2019, “What Might Have Been – The Third Reich’s Jet and Rocket Programmes 1933-1946”, Steve Alcock;Germany took an early lead in jet development, gaining the first flight of a jet powered aircraft just before the start of WW2 and later produced the first operational jet fighter the Me 262.


25 September 2019, “100 years of Air Navigation”,

John Coote From his perspective as an RAF Navigator on Vulcan B2s and Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft, and a graduate of the RAF General Duties Aerosystems Course, John will highlight the major developments in the field of Air Navigation from the earliest days of aviation to the present day.

19 March – James Mason Air New Zealand DC10 - Accident in Antarctica'' covers the loss of the Air New Zealand DC10 ZKNZP which crashed into Mount Erebus on Ross Island in Antarctica on the 28 November 1979.


15 January - Adrian Abbott “The Armstrong Whitworth Company and its Aircraft”
Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft (AWA) produced over 11,000 aircraft during its lifespan of over 50 years. These included some significant successes and a number of failures, including possibly the ugliest plane of all time. The company suffered from constraints imposed by the Hawker Siddeley Group, but became expert at production of other companies' aircraft, claiming to be able to make any plane 30% cheaper than the rest of the Group.

18 December 2018 Alan Key - Flying Classic Aircraft

Alan Key will be presenting an account of flying eperiences in classic, rare and vintage aircraft and helicopters over the past 50 years. Alan is an avid photographer so we can rest assured that the talk will be accompanied by a plentiful supply of photographs

22 November 2018 “Operating and Flying the Wasp Helicopter” Terry “Doc” Martin,

A former RAF doctor and pilot, is the owner and operator of ex Royal Navy Westland Wasp HAS1 helicopter XT787. 

Tuesday 16 October, 2018, “Flying The Vulcan – a personal perspective” and will be presented by GAS member Joe Marsden.

Tuesday 18 September, 2018,  “Flying the KC135”. The talk will be presented by former USAF pilot Jack Froelich. The Boeing KC-135 type has been in service for over 60 years. It was the military derivative from Boeing's private venture into jet transport production. Joe Froelich’s talk will give a personal insight into flying the KC-135 when he served in the USAF.

Tuesday 17th April 2018, Flying the Caribou with USAF 
 Jack served a combat tour in the Republic of Vietnam (1968-1969) flying the C-7A Caribou in support of the 5th Special Forces.

Tuesday 20th March 2018 Mission Aviation Fellowship 

Captain Bryan Pill works for a remarkable organisation called Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). For 22 of the last 25 years he has been working as a commercial bush pilot operating single engine piston and turbine aircraft mainly in Africa, in particular Chad, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

Tuesday 16th January 2018 Bob Wealthy Saving Historic B-N Islander “Charlie November”

2018 will see the emergence of the restored historic B-N Islander “Charlie November” as a high quality static exhibit that will ultimately be on permanent display when a suitable location is found on the Isle of Wight.