The Group also meets socially on a monthy basis

We meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm for an 8:00pm start in the Royal Naval Association Club on Aerodrome Road (see separate page for directions) occasionally a change in start time or date is needed so please check the 'Programme of Talks' page

Most meetings include a guest speaker. 

Your annual membership subscription of £30.00 includes the cost of the meetings.

Visitors are welcome but there will be an admission charge for them of £5.00 when a speaker is present. 

The programme of speakers is below: 

Forthcoming Talks

23rd November 2022    The First Britten-Norman Aircraft - the BN-1F "Finibee" by Bob Wealthy


The story of how former de Havilland apprentices John Britten and Desmond Norman designed, built and flew their first aircraft design the BN-1 over 70 years ago and how this led to the creation of the Britten-Norman Company and its most enduring product the BN-2 that was first flown in 1965. With over 1250 examples of the BN-2 type variants built since that time, and with some 400+ that are in active service around the world, the type is still in limited production