Who we are

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In 2019 a suggestion was put forward to the Gosport Aviation Society (GAS) and the Lee Flying Association (LFA) committees, by a member of both associations, that it may be a good idea for the two groups to get together. It is the common aim of both organisations to preserve the aviation heritage of the area, encompassing the Gosport Peninsular, Lee-on-the-Solent and Fareham areas, to continue research and preservation of artefacts, while supporting both Boroughs with aviation displays. The ultimate aim is to have a heritage centre at the airfield allowing the general public access to the aviation history of the area. There is currently a small display of history and artefacts within the Hovercraft Museum.

The proposal was raised at the Annual General Meetings of the two organisations early in 2020. A steering group was formed to decide a way ahead and, when agreement was reached, the groups then held their own EGMs which called for a vote on the proposed merger. The response was almost unanimously in favour of the amalgamation. Processes were put in place and it was agreed that the new Daedalus Aviation & Heritage Group would form on the 1st February 2021. This website looks back on the history of both organisations and looks forward to the future of the new group.